Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer is a tough time to develop articles.

So here are some links...

Not being a writer, it is rather tough to come up with a couple of thought provoking articles a week. One for my personal blog (here) and one for Small Business Branding. And today I agreed to be this month's guest writer over at Branding Wire.

If you happen to enjoy great Graphic Design, check out David Airey over in Scotland. David is very talented and has a healthy respect for the brand. It is by far my favorite design site.

Tomorrow I'm off to a small art fair in Oakville, Ontario just south of Toronto. I paint in watercolour. Check out my works at Ed Roach Watercolours.

Another interesting site for any of you who happen to be millionaires or who have a millionaires taste for the finer things check out For Millionaires Only. I will be showing my work at this site in the near future.

And one last blog that has just come on stream is Mystical Michael. Michael is a fascinating man who is very engaging if you ever have the opportunity to meet him. His thoughts are very uplifting.

Have fun.


David Airey :: Graphic Designer said...

Hi Ed,

Much respect for your guest blogging efforts. I know how much time it takes to run your own blog, let alone contribute to others too.

It's also an honour to read your kind compliment about me and my blog. It really is.

I hope you have (had) a great weekend. All the best.

Robert Kingston said...

I know Exactly what you mean!

I have an extremely hard time thinking about article ideas. That's part of the reason I don't write for SBB anymore. I'd like to put some more articles up sometime but an article sparingly might confuse readers somewhat.

Something which I like in your articles is that you spot the elusive obvious and show in simple ways how it can sole problems.

Have a good weekend, Ed.

Ed Roach said...

David, I don't know how you can contribute such an outstanding blog and not be full time at it - Robert I'm going to miss your opinion on SBB, but I've always got (plug. plug)

Have a great week guys.

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