Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Competition is Gunning For You!

Don't kid yourself, the competition is anxious to see your lifeless body behind them. Now is not the time to for a wait and see approach. Are your branding weapons locked and loaded? Now is the time to check your battle readiness outline:

• Increase value to your customers
• Optimize your positioning strategy
• Over deliver
• Be the best at what you do
• Upgrade technology to increase productivity
• Use the web as a lead generating tool
• Respond faster than anyone
• Increase face-time with customers
• Be totally accessible
• Surround yourself with knowledgeable people
• Improve your expert profile

All strategies are go, take aim, and fire!

1 comment:

MartinJ said...

Wow! All I need now are instructions to do those wonderful activities.

Seriously, you bring to light the need to establish a business foundation and direction by which all employees and representatives can conduct themselves, and on which customers and prospects can come to rely.

Differentiation, or positioning if you will, is all fine and good on paper, but actually fulfilling the promice of the brand is critical - and hard to do.

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