Monday, September 14, 2009

Use The Web Domain As A Marketing Tool

Do you want to take advantage of something in the marketplace that resonates with your target audience. A great example of this is the green movement. You may also have developed a unique process, that you'd like to promote. Use domain names as a way to build brand recognition. For instance if you have an organic fertilizer, instead of directing traffic to the company's domain, use a marketing domain, such as: "" or that improved process: "www."

Use your imagination to sell through the domain name. Even using your slogan as a domain would do the trick. The names are pointed to a splash page or the corporate site. They are cheap to buy and are effective.


Strategic Growth Advisors said...

I totally agree.

The best way to rouse the interest of your target market is to make your domain name as short and concise as possible without muddling up the demand of your customers with fancy words.

Ed Roach said...


Thank you for your endorsement. This idea can simplify things.

Alan Schubert .com said...

Perfect example:

Recently discovered a Green cat litter company that used recycled news

Not a cat person...but if I was...

Ed Roach said...

That's beautiful Alan. The puurrfect example of what I am talking about :)

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