Friday, June 24, 2011

Workshop for Canadian Small Businesses

I'm currently in development with two other individuals in developing a workshop for small businesses here in Canada. Our goal is to provide real-world advice and direction, so that business owners can take advantage of resources and strategies that can bring them new and better business opportunities. This is intended to be a full-day workshop with valuable take-aways. It covers the three areas critical to success.

First learn what programs are available to small business to finance their ideas. Many business people have simply no idea what is possible from Government agencies - we intend on bringing these financial opportunities into the light.

Next we intend on showing how branding can bring vigor back into your company by having a positioning strategy that resonates with customers and reinvigorates your sales team as well as the other stake holders in your company.

Rounding off the workshop, we will show you proven sales strategies that take and sell the brand strategy to your audience.

Well, that's the plan so far. I'll update you as time passes and development progresses.

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