Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Be A Miserable Brand In 25 Steps!

1. Constantly complain about the economy.
2. Find the cheapest logo you can buy.
3. Keep your customers on hold.
4. Always sell on cheapest price.
5. Ignore any networking opportunities.
6. Don't volunteer for anything.
7. Stop meeting regularly with your staff.
8. List everything under the sun that you do.
9.  Avoid giving free advice.
10. Play with different colours in your brand image.
11. Do everything on the cheap - don't even try to look successful.
12. Don't put your logo on anything.
13. Don't join organizations that may benefit you.
14. Ignore negative comments made about your brand on social media.
15. Be grumpy all the time at the office.
16. Don't return emails or phone calls.
17. Don't ask for the business.
18. Don't actively look for leaders among your staff.
19. Don't even think of public speaking.
20. Advertise as many messages as you can.
21. Don't give cutomers any more value than they pay for.
22. Don't sell outside of your comfort zone.
23. Think small.
24. Look for the worst in everything.
25. Don't lead - follow!

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