Monday, November 5, 2012

Paperback First. Now Kindle Here Soon!

Having written my very first book, "101 Branding Tips" I've learned quite a bit about pushing it to my audience. I've done a few book signings, presentations and PR and now I'm waiting for Amazon Kindle's all clear to add it to the Amazon bookstore. During the first 5 days of my Kindle launch I'll be offering my book for free. That's right Free. No strings attached, just go to Amazon and download it to your Kindle, iPad or Android device. After that it will be $5.99 each.

I will be announcing the launch date soon enough so watch this blog and your inbox if you subscribe to  my weekly mailing. If you do download the free Kindle version, I only ask that you go back to Amazon and leave a review. That will really help me out in promoting my book in all it's versions.

Help me to give my Kindle version away to as many people as possible by sharing this article to everyone you know who might benefit from some great tips to help them succeed in business.

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