Saturday, January 13, 2007

Have you got any effective networking techniques?

I'm working with a group of professionals who wish to re-define how they network. Does anyone out there have any interesting techniques they use to build and do business in a network environment? If so can you post them here for all to benefit from.


Robert Kingston said...

One of the best things I've seen so far for networking has to be I've just recently joined and by inviting/linking a few people, my extended network has ~130,000 members in it. It's a fantastic way to demonstrate your knowledge as well as it allows people to post and answer questions.

Ed Roach said...

Great idea Robert I just signed up. I noticed a few exisitng friends were already there. I like how they are organized and the site is very nice to look at.

Let's see how many people make it back to my website or blog. I use statcounter for these types of stats.


Mike Sansone said...

Hi Ed,

Though I use LinkedIn, it's mostly for research.

Of course, blogging is a key in extending your voice and building relationships - you're traveling a great path here.

In another post, you mention the opportunity you seized by connecting two people. You made valuable deposits to both parties, and cemented yourself as a resource.

I believe the same holds true in the blogosphere. By linking out to sites you find valuable, your readers (and the one receiving the link) look to you as a valuable resource.

Keep up the great work here...and I'll keep reading:-)

Ed Roach said...


Yesterday I had a lunch with a networking contact to better ubderstand what each of us brings to the table. Naturally in today's environment, web resources were widely discussed. Myself, I am always looking for great places to benefit from and also to add then to my monthly newsletter. In every issue I add an interesting place to check out.

I use to assemble articles my subscribers can use to get more business.

It was a fruitful meeting, my essential consulting product intrigued him. Being tapped into the Detroit Media Market, he has terrific connections and insight. So I think seeds to a mutually beneficial relationship were planted.

Networking is an interesting dynamic, the moment you recognize that instant gratification is not the path. Even linking is a gradual process in building valuable resources. I only link to value not just link to build audience. In cyberspace or on Main Street the practice with regards to building relationships are the same - build solid relationships with careful thought to quality and integrity and of course forget the "what's in it for me" attitude.

Thanks for dropping by Mike.

Olivier Blanchard said...

- LinkedIn is a great tool, and anyone who isn't on it yet is missing out.
- Blogs create conversations between like-minded Marketing professionals with something to say or share.
- Business organizations that focus on business and economic development in your area or region can be helpful too. We have Innoventures and Pulse. What are yours?
- Forming collaborative networks with consultants, freelancers and other talented folks can be very rewarding as well. I routinely find excuses to work and share ideas with creative directors, web designers and Brand consultants.

Ed Roach said...

Thanks for your input Olivier. Linkedin seems a great model for everyone. All these suggestions and referrances are helping a lot in my devlopment of one of the networking organizations I belong to.

Have a great week.

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