Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Webinar Your Way To Closing!

Staying in touch with customers is very important for business development. Adding value to the relationship keeps them interested in your services. One way you can provide value is the use of web-based-seminars or webinars. Lets say that you sell a multitude of products. You can use webinars to introduce a new product or service. What these are essentially is conference calls where your customers are invited to listen in as you introduce the product and walk them through the benefits. This can be accomplished with videos, and power point.

You can also offer incentives to participate with suppliers' swag such as logoed hats, mugs etc. You could even offer a draw. The whole point is to offer a way for customers to learn more from you. You become more valuable to them. Make the webinars into a bi-monthly event. What ever time-line you settle on; the most important part is the question period at the conclusion. It gives sales an opportunity to see just who specifically is interested in further contact and that makes closing so much likely.

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