Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Commitment To An Idea

Well, as you can see from all the short post-links to Brand Booster 21, Vera Raposo and I are finally finished with the series over at her blog: Small Business Branding. One thing that I learned was that 21 days flies by. When we initiated the series, I had the feeling that the 21 days would poke along. Nope.

I think we helped an awful lot of small businesses according to the stats and so these results makes you appreciate all the effort it takes to implement such a program. Vera and I put it all together back in September and launched on November 2nd. It is our intention to put together future products to help SME's attain their business goals.

If you didn't have the chance or simply weren't aware, the posts are still available to read. Like anything else in business, having an idea and implementing it are two entirely different concepts. Challenge yourself to jump into an idea with both feet and benefit from your efforts to move your business forward. I am asked regularly to join forces with other entrepreneurs to develop information based promotions. This is how I pick up consulting/coaching opportunities.

What ideas are you contemplating, but putting off for now?

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