Sunday, November 15, 2009

How To Resist The Restraints of Time

So many in the world of the SME (small and medium size enterprises) are cursed by time restraints. Every effort to reach out for new business is predicated by a desire for immediate results. Marketing programs whether off-line or on are geared for long term benefits. One of my favorite marketing media is blogging. It "absoltuely" builds my expert profile and brings me leads.

But the hard truth of the matter is it took about a full year before my blogging efforts brought me any initial response. To many entrepreneurs this is unacceptable. To these folks, the idea of planting seeds is for farmers only. They continually search for the magic bullet. That's why the desire for SEO is so appealing to many. They figure all they "really" need are the right collection of key words and phrases and the world will immediately follow google to their front door.

Of course when this doesn't happen the bemoan the money they spent and continue to search for the fast solution.

Blogging has staying power but it takes effort and patience to build your brand's profile and trust. Over time search engines love blogging because of the fluid content. Better than SEO if you only treat it as a one time effort and not a maintained effort.

Awareness advertising works on patience as well. Consistent messaging builds trust and recognition. Continuing effort breads familiarity and then potential for leads is the result it delivers.

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