Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Internet Allows A World Brand

Today I was fortunate to meet a designer ( Julie Pudlowski) who while based here in Dar Es Salaam, has clients and resources world wide. Her main business is The United Nations. Here I am doing a project in Dar Es Salaam. A little over a year ago I was speaking in Prague. I have clients, In Naples, the Czech Republic, Laguna Beach California, Saudi Arabia and noe in Dar Es Salaam. Julie agrees with me that the internet has changed the dynamic of our brands. We are not a localized company but one who's appeal has a world-wide audience.

Different cultures provide different challenges, but I am invigorated by being challenged. My branding process and design solutions continue to grow and deliver. If you take away the web, you eliminate an intriguing new business channel for me. Are you doing your brand a great favor by turning your promotional efforts to the web? The wider your scope, the less the local economy will impact you. Having a world brand is a terrific point of differentiation.

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