Thursday, January 20, 2011

Compliances As Brand Stars!

Compliances of every sort are viewed as good and bad depending on your perspective. In every case there are costs associated with them. They're usually meant to protect something or deliver some assurance of quality.

Being compliant while mandatory,is a great opportunity in branding. Informing your compliancy among your stakeholders assures them of your leadership profile. Some eco-compliances deliver a sustainability story that you can capitalize on. Your small carbon footprint for instance provides a great story for your customers to tell. It benefits them to have suppliers who are compliant. It rubs off on them. Naturally it is beneficial to continually look for good news to tell about your company. Compliances are often forgotten. Use them as branding flags to wave at your marketplace.

Let's say you must adhere to a total of five compliances - why not develop a symbol for the group and maybe market them as your "Five Star Quality Program." At the very least, people will be curious as to its makeup. Branding encourages creativity. Step away from the norm and encourage creative thinking among your team. Simply following the leader isn't a story i'd be proud of.

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