Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Professional Brand

What does your brand say about you? Let's say you put a group of people in a room who are familiar with you. Each has their own perception of your brand. Ask them to use their imagination and picture your brand as a person walking across the street from them. Ask them to describe that person. Man or woman, friendly, charitable, grumpy, athletic, spiritual etc. ? What ever comes out is essentially correct. All the traits as a whole, accurately describes your brand personality. This personality is the essence of your brand. Does it portray that of a professional?

This and other exercises can help you to determine where your shortcomings are in professionalism quotient. It will help you see what areas are lacking when it comes to positioning you as the professional you are. Perhaps you have to get out there more intellectually and physically. A lot of professionals don't enjoy the limelight, but many times this is seen as someone who lacks confidence. This is no doubt untrue, but it is the perception and in branding perception is reality. This was one of my issues six years ago. For me blogging released me from my shell and is something I credit for absolutely growing my expert profile world-wide.

Always play close attention to your "Professional Brand", never take anything for granted and constantly embrace opportunities to demonstrate your value.

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