Sunday, October 2, 2011

How To Make Blog Reading Work For You

Even before I sat down to write this blog post, I was out in the blogosphere reading other people's blogs. This is something I have done most every night for the past five or six years now. It is other people's opinions on branding that helps me to fine tune my service as well understand other points of view

I often discover blogs that have nothing to do with branding, by following reader's links from their comments on one of my blog articles here. Often times they
have blogs of their own and I get to see where their head is at. Because I blog, I especially like the "groups" and "answers" sections in Linkedin, as they allow for conversation and the exchange of ideas.

If you only read blogs but are hesitant to comment then you are missing out on the best part of blogging - the conversation. A benefit of this conversation is people following you back to "your" website or blog. Commenting also benefits search engine spiders. By commenting you are growing your expert profile and if you comment enough at a particular blog, then you quickly become a thought leader there.

If you remain anonymous in your blogging and never comment then you are missing out on opportunities. Journalists scour blogs for sources for articles. I've gotten requests for my opinion from many news sources and also leads for branding projects all from my blogging efforts. For me, blogging is a major marketing effort as well as reading portal. Those who know me, are familiar with my blogging rant. Even if you never start your on blog (don't get me started on that), commenting can still draw great and positive things back to you. 

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