Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's Your Success With Social Media Been?

Social media - we read about how powerful it is, but I want to know what the reality is on the ground. Are you seeing any leads from social to speak of? Myself I see success with blogging and email marketing. What has your experience been?


Sue Howe, CEP said...

As a one person entrepreneur I utilize all aspects; e-mails, etc. to open a door and face-to-face to close the deal. A question - Has the social media philosophy superseded the personal cold calling process?

I was born in the era where you train yourself to watch body language and adjust your sales/marketing call accordingly. Now I tend to analysis more when it is appearing in black and white on the screen as perceptions, cultures and language nuances can be so different.

Ed Roach said...

Hi Sue,

I never could do cold calling. I even got training and it just wasn't a fit for me. On-line marketing especially blogging has been successful for me. I also enjoy live networking.

Don't you wish we had the web when we started out?

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