Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slim Down For Success!

When your company goes to market are you doing it with messaging that spells out all the many services you perform? Is your marketing the king of the bullet point? I admit it certainly is tempting to add as much as possible. You feel as though this strategy tells of the vast scope of the brand. You may possibly be right in that assumption but to your consumer it can be so much static. Their eyes blur over and worse they assume things. Things like, "if it isn't listed here, they must not do it." Ouch, imagine if you left something out in error. There's a better way.

Focus your offering to the most profitable service that will resonate with your customer. Use this service as your door opener. Do this one thing very well - much better than your competitors. Be the leader in this service and your brand takes the high ground. It becomes your differentiator. Once through the door, sales can update your customer on other services they can take advantage of. Focusing on one thing is much more cost effective and powerful. Consolidate your passion and rule your category. 

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