Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From The Shark Tank To Your Eyes.

I thought I'd share a linking story with you.

The other day I went onto Twitter for the first time in as many days. There I noticed that a reader had posted a link to a story I had written for Noobpreneur.com. It was about the difference between a brand and a logo. The interesting thing was that she, got the link from another person's Facebook page. That person was Barbara Corcoran. I was wondering who she was and it turns out that she is one of the investors in the Shark Tank television show. Barbara liked the article and linked it to her Facebook readers. So from Noobpreneur, to Facebook, to Twitter and onward to @shayrealestate and her followers and who know how many more links.

It's a classic internet trail and one that shows you that you never know who is reading your opinion. Barbara's generous sharing put my opinion before the eyes of thousands who might not otherwise have read it. 

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