Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog for Business.

A familiar song that I sing is "Blogging For Business." I definitely get benefit from my blogging efforts. Things you can expect is not only leads but publicity and opportunities. A colleague of mine, Bill Sivell recently was approached by a national Canadian business magazine to write for them on a regular basis. Bill got the opportunity from his blogging efforts. Bill has been blogging less than a year. Blogging will also help your personal brand by enhancing your 'expert profile.'

Search engines also LOVE blogs even when they change their algorithms. Blogs will help you achieve impressive rankings. Blogging is also a free media, but it involves a lot of effort. You also have to commit to write posts on a regular basis. But if it gets you exposure and opportunities, isn't it worth it? Check out Blogger to get yourself setup and running.

I also use blogging as a mood changer for those times when I'm a little uninspired. It puts my head in the right place. Discover your own niche audience and start blogging - I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Peter Maas said...

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