Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first eBook unleashed!

You may have noticed the new promotion to our right. This the my eBook, The Reluctant Salesperson: An introvert's guide to selling. It is the result of a discussion I've had through blogging with introverts from different parts of our planet who find it stressful and unenjoyable to sell. Many must sell as part of their job function. The tips and discussion in this book, hopefully will help others in a similar situation better tackle their sales efforts and get more business.

So far since it's release less than a day ago, I've had about 75 reluctant salespeople request their FREE copy. That's right, it's free for the asking. This is one time you want to overcome your shyness and get some real help. I can assure you that you will get at least one great technique to help you.

It was a lot of fun putting this information together. Click on the button to the right to get your free copy.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


Derrick Daye said...


Congrats. Just downloaded my copy - looking forward to reading it.



Ed Roach said...

Thanks for dropping by Derrick. We must catch up again soon. I trust you've been well?

Jeffrey Summers said...

Great idea Ed! Very useful and practical! Everyone who reads this, whether in sales or not, can take something away from it that can help them increase their ability to control their own success.

Ed Roach said...

I'm nothing if I'm not practical Jeffrey. Like yourself I enjoy great straight forward information that I can use. One of the complaints I have with some blog articles is - the promise in the headline doesn't deliver in the body of the article.

Classic bait and switch. Thanks for your endorsement of the book, means a lot.

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