Friday, July 4, 2008

What To Do - What To Do?

All around us the sky is falling or at least it appears that way. Even the best among us have days where it is tiring to keep the wheels spinning. Where is our next opportunity, when can we take a break and enjoy the weather? Of course, the truth is that most of this is a mind set.

Business strategies should be set up much like fitness strategies where you have to change up how you do things from time to time, just to keep your attitude hot and ready to recognize an opportunity. So long as your respect your brand values you stand a great chance of keeping motivated and not getting burned out.

As much as you're taking the time to read this post, can you really admit that you've taken the time and had a hard look at what your promotional materials are saying about your brand? Currently, you are probably running professionally "designed" ads that have a powerful graphic and make a strong sales message. Or so you think, because this is the way you've always approached it.

Stand back.

Look closely.

Could you take your hottest competitor and drop his logo onto that ad and still have it make sense? If the answer is yes then your offer while good is no different from their offer. What if you could sell from a position of 'a difference'? I mean a real substantial difference where you can be the leader, or where your offer positions you with something so compelling that
it would not only excite your audience but yourself as well. When was they last time you were excited by your marketing? I don't mean satisfied, but truly excited - you couldn't wait to spring them on the world. Differentiation delivers that motivation.

Conventional strategies often deliver the message using proper channels but the message is soft or follows the leader. I want you to stand out - be different. It is hard to take this approach sometimes because we are conditioned to follow the leader. We spend our youth trying to fit in. Now I'm asking you to break free of that mind set and lead not follow.

And to do that you must be different, and that is where your opportunity lies. Isn't it time you got to be excited by your position - YOU BET IT IS!

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