Friday, July 18, 2008

When the cat's away, the mice promote.

Summer is in full swing. It's hard keeping clients focused when they've got golf to play and families to take to the cottage. Deadlines are pushed out and your sales are slow due to this desire for pleasure. Go figure!

What's a person to do?

Well it's a terrific time to turn your efforts inward.

• Update the website. Are there any new links, users would appreciate knowing.
• Develop new networking connections to join efforts with. Plan joint promotional activities for when client's minds are focused on business again.
• Develop new products you can use to entice new opportunities.
• Finish writing that eBook.
• Finally start that blog you put on your to-do-list.
• Back up your systems.

Grab a bit of R&R yourself. Hit the hammock with a cool beverage :) and a good book (unrelated to business). Myself, I like to paint in watercolour.

What do you do when the cat's away?

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Gerry said...

Ed: It appears that the focus here is from a service business perspective. In an industrial setting unless the business is highly seasonal there may not be as much "cat's away" time.

It is still useful to spend time re-evaluating strategies for growing the business, strenthening relations with current key customers and perhaps exploring new oportunities to diversify.

Many times business owners are too involved in day to day operations and fail to take the time needed to project future expectations and adapt to changing market conditions.

Today's economy forces continuous reviews of the business and I spend significant time with owners restaging strategic positions.

It's always good to look for better mouse traps and the innovative entrepreneur wins.


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