Monday, February 16, 2009

Co-operative Networking IS Smart!

If you’re smart, you’re looking into promoting yourself online using html email. You know, that’s email where you send a graphic instead of just text. The graphic also has the ability to link to other locations. Perhaps to your website or a special splash page promoting an important product or service.

In order to be effective, you have to have a decent mailing list. Like any other form of direct mail, it’s a numbers game. The more names you have, the greater the possibility to make a sale. If your email list is a modest one, I would suggest joining forces with a friend whose contacts compliments your industry and combine your lists. If you could do this with three to five friends, your
email promotion could take on a mini-virtual trade show.

How cool would that be?


Contributing Author said...

Great post. I think that targeted email lists are similar to Networking. You don't go to a Social Network event and pass out your business card to everyone in hopes someone will call. You align yourself with those that have the same target market and build relationships. Those are the same people you could share your email list with as well.

Ed Roach said...

Exactly CA. It is like traditional co-op marketing. Share the costs, increase your reach.

Thanks for commenting.

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