Sunday, August 30, 2009

Professional Tear-Off Tags!

We have all seen hand-made versions of this idea at our local super market or conveneience stores. They are typically displayed on the community bulletin board. They are offering free kittens to a good home, or some other situation wanted notice.

Why not do the same thing with your business. Ie: “Want to save $500. on your insurance policy? Give me a call.” The cost is minimal and under the radar. Great for almost any industry. In some cases you might want the contact info more hand-made looking. This could help make the tags look more personal. Perfect, if your customer is the general public.


Brand Strategy said...

This is the most cheap way for advertising

Ed Roach said...

Isn't it though.

E Learning Solution said...

yeah I think so.. but how can this, i mean in what rate do it can target the audience??

Ed Roach said...

I never considered targeting. I imagine it would be rather difficult to do. This idea is great for service oriented businesses like roofing, pet grooming - general public needs. I can't imagine a lawyer doing it BUT never under estimate a simple concept. Nobody says you have to spend thousands for effective advertising. If the itch is there someone has to sratch it.

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