Monday, September 6, 2010

Paint Your Brand With Color.

A terrific way to differentiate your brand is through the use of color. Your corporate palette can become an effective trigger point with buyers. You only have to look to the marketplace to see the companies that are using color to their advantage. The number one company that comes to mind is UPS or Brown as many people know them. Another is ING Direct which uses orange very effectively. Everybody understands that color can be used for mood altering benefits, but it can also be used to distinguish your brand and used consistently it can be an identifier.

Over time people identify a company with its color palette. It helps to provide clarity in an otherwise saturated marketplace. The worst thing you could do is copy the color palette of the leader of your category. It not only adds to identity confusion but does nothing for your brand.

Color, consider it, embrace it and deliver consistently. It's golden.

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