Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Job Hunting With A Personal Brand

Are you using a basic resume to get the attention of the HR person at a company you like to work for? Draw positive attention to yourself through your personal brand. Taking a page out of branding 101, build your expert profile and prove to your potential employer that you are the expert they would benefit from. Start a blog and post a number of articles on the field you are applying for. It doesn't matter what that job is; you have the expertise in your past experience.

Go to the blogs of companies that you would enjoy working for and leave comments. Make sure that your comments reflect positively on you. Be sure to strongly emphasize your blog address in your resume. Don't just rely on a traditional resume delivered in email or snail mail. Take a critical eye to your social network postings to be sure that your personal brand is not taking any negative hits (even in good humor). Be sure that any photo of yourself is friendly and flattering. Your bio is your chance to brag a little.

Get that job that you'll love doing!

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