Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 Reasons Why Sales People Love Uniquely Positioned Brands

Sales people are on the front line of any business. They get the crap when things go south, and they get praise when all is well. They are typically at odds with the marketing department, because they are not part of the loop. Campaigns are usually on the street long before they are briefed as to their intent. Branding done right means your brand can be a leader through unique positioning.

Sales people resonate with uniquely positioned brands because:

1. Sales people can sell from the high ground. They love to look down on the competition.
2. Differentiation that is genuine, is a powerfully honest story sales people can embrace.
3. Sales peoples' attitudes are invigorated by uniquely positioned brands.
4. Make the brand positioning a winning team effort when sales people are part of the solution.
5. Sales people have buy-in when the brand positioning reflects a reality.
6. Sales people enjoy the confidence a uniquely positioned brand delivers.
7. Sales people can make more money with a uniquely positioned brand because the value often extends to higher pricing equalling more commissions.

When sales people are included in the solution, the ROI with a uniquely positioned brand is swift and enlightening.

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