Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brand Perception versus Brand Reality

Is your brand in tune with the reality that is the minds of your customers? If you're finding that customers have the wrong impression of your company then this is something that you are going to want to address. The problem with bad impressions is that perception is reality in branding. The fastest way to find out what a customer's perception is, is to ask them. Survey your stakeholders and determine what the popular perception is of what your company does.

Walk up to the first person you see at your company tomorrow morning and ask- "What is it we do here at ***?" Their answer will give you a basic read on your brand's perception. Is it reality or at least the reality you would prefer? If not, you have to start taking steps to generate experiences that guide your brand towards a more favorable perception. In this development it is key, to be sure that the experience is genuine and has authenticity. All great brands are build on this solid foundation.

You'd hate to miss an opportunity because of a poor perception of your competencies. Getting the story straight is one of the key stepping stones to landing new business.

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