Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here is a great item for a client to enjoy

During the course of reading some of my favorite blogs I came across a link to a website called, Simple Truths. It is an inspirational products company. The movies are truly moving on many levels. If you are looking to send something that will move a client this is a must see. Here is a link to one of the movies focusing on customer service. The movies are part of a package which contains a book, DVD and audio CD. I ordered one to give to my wife for our anniversary. They over-nighted it to me. Great service.

This is a great resource to keep in your back pocket.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Position yourself as the clear choice.

What are you nuts? We can't do that!

Or can we?

In helping companies to position themselves, half of the challenge is inspiring them and the other half is encouraging them to embrace what may seem at first to be impossible. Much of what I do is listen to how your company works. What is it that your customers love about you? What would they miss if you were to disappear over night? I have to get into how you think. If you are an owner - the visionary of the company, your dynamic plays a large role in your brand. Your decisions have affected for a large part the reputation your brand carries into your marketplace.

Many times in developing the positioning strategy for companies much of what inspires the Bold Idea comes directly from the mouth of the company's visionary - other times the Bold Idea is inspired by the visionary's passion. How ever the idea comes, it almost always emboldens you, the visionary to do remarkable things with it. This is due to the fact that we are bringing to the table a very compelling proposition for the customer. My job in developing the Bold Idea Positioning Strategy is to find a marketable point of differentiation. Many customers have built a very good business being all things to all people. If they wish to go to the next level they must be bold. They must stand out in the customers mind as the clear choice, not one of many.

The very nature of a bold idea challenges and then inspires. Your competition will probably think you're nuts (at least that's what their hope is). Even they know that while a bold idea is what everyone craves very view have the fortitude to act on it.

The Bold Idea Positioning Strategy is your opportunity to show the real value of your company and it's relationship with your customers and competition in a spectacular way.

No, you're not nuts and YES you will succeed!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

When bad brand personalities happen to good organizations.

I recently completed a re-branding of a networking group within a private club in Detroit. The problem with the group was that they lost their direction and it was increasingly harder to get membership out to events. They simply didn't know who they were. In the sessions to tackle the problem, we addressed who they were by building a personality profile of the group as it existed today. It was refreshing to see that the group were prepared to be honest about themselves and the discoveries reinforced this effort.

Take a look at your own situations. If sales are lagging or moral is sagging, maybe it's time you sat down and worked out your company's personality profile. Perhaps it is the reason customers are not as responsive as they once were. For your brand to be effective it much be in sync from every touch point. All your stake holders react only to what is presented to them. If your marketing efforts are generally on-brand but your personality is off, then it is a conflicting message and this is costing you sales. You don't walk-the-talk.

The networking group saw the build of the personality profile as one of the a-ha! moments. This, they were convinced, could be improved. Now they felt they didn't suffer the same old question - what are we doing wrong? The personality that the group now strives to show directly reflects their brand values and core brand message which is, "We present custom opportunities to build new relationships by learning through engaging. We provide the venue - you set the pace."

To enhance the educational value it was determined that a typical networking focus was too confining. To differentiate themselves further from other networking groups in the region they decided to re-categorize themselves as a circuit. Now "Business Circuit™" is the only circuit group out there. Their positioning statement - "Where Opportunities Come Full Circle™" further strengthens their determination to change their personality to a more mutually beneficial position. Focusing your brand will go a long way to re-invigorating your team to get on the road to higher earnings by making sure that all facets of your brand are in sync with the ultimate vision of growth.

Today, "Business Circuit™" is developing it's processes and the year's events are charted. All of the efforts are developed with a new attitude and a focused brand direction. More people are coming forward and volunteering to help in the effort. A new personality has emerged and the steering committee have never been more motivated.
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