Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things That Should Be On Your Radar!

There are plenty of tools on the web that you should be investigating to better your business opportunities. I speak to groups of business professionals and what I thought was common knowledge is completely new information to
many. That realization led to this week’s tip - put these on your radar:

Blogging - great for building your "expert profile" and reaching out to a global audience with your opinion

Blog Commenting - Google blogs in your industry and comment on them, leading readers back to your websites and blogs

Blog Writing - Discover significant blogs in your industry and offer to write for them, leading readers back to your websites and blogs

eMail Marketing - build a list of potential customers and put a message directly in front of them, (this weekly Branding Tip for example)

Public Speaking - a great way to show your expertise and gain warm leads

Skype - use the web to speak to long-distance customers for free or close to it

Webinars - hold classes or virtual conferences to sell your services

Free Analytics - track the success of your websites, blogs and email marketing efforts

eBooks and Newsletters - offer them for free to build traffic or sell them online

Online Payment - use Paypal's donation code to build a simple pay area for customers to easily pay you, (great for non-profits)

Video/Audio Podcasts - record tips on what you do and offer them for free to readers of your websites and blogs

Virtual Networks - join online networking groups to build relationships

These dozen should keep you busy. All of them can be done for FREE if you tackle them yourselves.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love Sales People.

I can't tell you how many times I've been interrupted during my early evening hours by the voice of a telemarketer on the telephone trying to get me to purchase their wares. Being an entrepreneur and small business owner, I can appreciate how difficult it is to sell. It is my policy to listen to their pitch and then express my desire to purchase or not. Of course most times I will never purchase as I don't like buying without doing my own research.

What I do though, is listen and learn who has the better approach to getting my attention. The vast majority are simply reading off a script, these people lose me instantly. Every once in a while, you will get the one person who is convincing in their delivery. This person has the magic of salesmanship. This person leaves me with a tip or two.

I also observe customer service when I shop. What intrigues me and what disgusts me. I find I am always aware of the sales activities all around me. One simple technique which is sage advice is to use the person's name if you can. A restaurant server makes huge points when they remember a patron's name, and uses it throughout their visit.

Watch and learn the next time you leave your office. Give the sales people you come in contact with a break, and just appreciate that they are trying to earn a living as well. Even if their delivery is bad you will learn a tip from them as well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Increase Brand Recognition With An Icon

What do the MacDonald's, Nike, Apple, KFC and Allstate brands have
in common?


Brand icons are sensory symbols that represent the corporate brand.
As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." You are better able
to remember visuals than even the spoken word. Many companies
have even dropped the text part of their logos in favor of their icon.
The most obvious of these is Target department stores.

Do you have an icon in your brand image? If not, you may be wise to
consider one. Icons can even be a scent (Cinnabon) or a sound
(Harley Davidson). Improve the memorability of your brand image
with an icon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Job Hunting With A Personal Brand

Are you using a basic resume to get the attention of the HR person at a company you like to work for? Draw positive attention to yourself through your personal brand. Taking a page out of branding 101, build your expert profile and prove to your potential employer that you are the expert they would benefit from. Start a blog and post a number of articles on the field you are applying for. It doesn't matter what that job is; you have the expertise in your past experience.

Go to the blogs of companies that you would enjoy working for and leave comments. Make sure that your comments reflect positively on you. Be sure to strongly emphasize your blog address in your resume. Don't just rely on a traditional resume delivered in email or snail mail. Take a critical eye to your social network postings to be sure that your personal brand is not taking any negative hits (even in good humor). Be sure that any photo of yourself is friendly and flattering. Your bio is your chance to brag a little.

Get that job that you'll love doing!
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