Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things That Should Be On Your Radar!

There are plenty of tools on the web that you should be investigating to better your business opportunities. I speak to groups of business professionals and what I thought was common knowledge is completely new information to
many. That realization led to this week’s tip - put these on your radar:

Blogging - great for building your "expert profile" and reaching out to a global audience with your opinion

Blog Commenting - Google blogs in your industry and comment on them, leading readers back to your websites and blogs

Blog Writing - Discover significant blogs in your industry and offer to write for them, leading readers back to your websites and blogs

eMail Marketing - build a list of potential customers and put a message directly in front of them, (this weekly Branding Tip for example)

Public Speaking - a great way to show your expertise and gain warm leads

Skype - use the web to speak to long-distance customers for free or close to it

Webinars - hold classes or virtual conferences to sell your services

Free Analytics - track the success of your websites, blogs and email marketing efforts

eBooks and Newsletters - offer them for free to build traffic or sell them online

Online Payment - use Paypal's donation code to build a simple pay area for customers to easily pay you, (great for non-profits)

Video/Audio Podcasts - record tips on what you do and offer them for free to readers of your websites and blogs

Virtual Networks - join online networking groups to build relationships

These dozen should keep you busy. All of them can be done for FREE if you tackle them yourselves.


Judy Merrick-Lockett said...

these tools are all GREAT tools and what's absolutely necessary is to have a plan - targeted at your audience - otherwise it's overwhelming to any small business person. You must ask yourself - who's my audience, what do they want to hear and then slowly start implementing these tools with a minimum of time each day.

Ed Roach said...

You are right on the money Judy. Thanks for commenting.

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