Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting The Branding Tips Book Out

For the last couple of years I've been working on getting a book out of my weekly branding tips. It's called, "101 Branding Tips." It's just come back from Kim, my editor. She's been very helpful. With 101 tips I had a heck of a time knowing whether I had repeated one or two. (Turns out 18 were repeats). Who knew?

The next step is to send it off to for printing. It's been an interesting journey. Slowly amassing the needed tips. Each one is a little nugget of wisdom. My goal of course is to launch it in July. Having a book in hand, is great for your expert profile. I plan on using it to get more speaking engagements. It's another way of getting my brand influence out there. Having an actual hardcopy book puts you in another league. Customers appreciate the discipline it takes to put your opinions in a volume.  Any of us can produce a book these days. We are after all an expert in our category. Self-publishing also makes it financially possible to become a author. 

The only real barrier if ourselves. If you start assembling notes today, in a few months you too could have a book to push out to your audience. See you at the book launch!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7 Business Lessons Learned From “Celebrity Apprentice”

While you might not want to take any hair-care tips from the Donald Trump show, Celebrity Apprentice, there are plenty of other lessons to be taken away from the reality competition. Whether you love Trump or hate him all the way down to his money-coated core, there’s no doubt that he knows the business world. Even if you just watch Celebrity Apprentice to see all the ridiculous breakdowns and celebrity catfights, you can pretend that you’re watching it to glean practical business advice. If anyone questions that, just mention these business lessons you’ve learned from the show. 

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