Thursday, November 27, 2008

Billboards as Distribution Vehicles

Here is a great idea that puts your products directly into the hands of the public by using Billboards as you point of distribution. Austrian outdoor fitter Northland Professional did this to great effect. Apparently the public went to great lengths to get at the free goods. In total the campaign gave away 1,000 items. Very clever indeed.
Try this brilliant idea!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To Keep Customers Happy.

The holiday season is upon us. One thing about Christmas, it gives us time to think about what we are thankful for on a personal and business level. From a business perspective, we should all be thankful for our customers. 'Tis the time to take stock and see what needs improving with regard to customer experience with your brand.

Rate the following Five Experiences from 1 to 10. 1 being lousy and 10 being the best. Rate each three ways, Past, Present and Competitive Experience.

1) Communication to Customers:
• Courteous and friendly
• Clear accurate information
• Prompt attention
• Open to criticism and complaints

2) Responsiveness
• Custom solutions
• Fast action to requests
• Immediate followup
• Pleasant greeting
• Reduce service barriers

3) Competence
• Address customer's needs
• Well trained staff

4) Convenient
• Easy to access your company
• Convenient location/parking/accessable
• Prompt payment of bills/fast delivery

5) Reliablitiy
• Keep your promises
• Provide a quality product
• Reputation

One last item you may need to add is a check box if something needs attention. Going through this simple exercise will help you prioritize tasks to strengthen your commitment to superior customer service. I would enlist others who have a stake in your company to go through this together, as this will assist in getting a more true result.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Need Bigger Markets" Breakfast Event

Here's some positive news...

AIESEC (AIESEC currently has Local Committees in 103 countries around the world. As an international student organization, AIESEC promotes global understanding through international exchange.) is pleased to present their latest breakfast seminar, "Need Bigger Markets" on Friday, December 5th in Windsor, Ontario.

Keynote speakers are Sandra Pupatello, Ontario Minister of Trade and Investment, David Offenbacher, Senior Account Manager for Export Development Canada and Frank Olaya, Vice President of Corporate Relations AIESEC Canada.

AIESEC Windsor cordially invites you, and other members of the business community to attend a breakfast meeting to determine the why and the how to enter new global markets. The event will answer questions on topics relevant to:
• Why expand into global markets?
• How to lower risk when entering new markets?
• What organizations are available to help expand into international markets?
• What are the benefits of having a more global mindset?

For more information, check out NEW BETTER MARKETS BREAKFAST EVENT.

I'll see you there!
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