Saturday, December 18, 2010

See What I'm Saying

Sometimes just changing the way we say something creates a different perception of ourselves. As I consult with small businesses, many of the the solutions were arrive at are fuelled by a change in conversation. Businesses are naturally entrenched in industry jargon and direction. Their target audience over time only hear one-way conversations. From this they develop perceptions of brands that essentially all blend together.

To break out of this morass of discussion, you need only change the conversation. Sometimes is a yin yang sort of solution. Other times it's a dumbing down. Car guys dabbled in it years ago when they changed "used cars" to "pre-owned" cars. They attempted to raise the quality levels by staying away from the stigma a "used car" had with consumers.

Changing the conversation has many benefits, not the least being differentiating your brand.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Brand Icon Podcast

FREE podcast discussing "brand Icons."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Say What?

What is the conversation between your brand and your prospective customers? What is your brand telling them about you and your company? What ever their perception of you is it's the first indication of what that story is. Having a Linkedin profile recommendation is one way to hear that conversation. You know the story you'd like told but is it the story that getting out? Building your brand is all about the conversation. If if isn't exactly where you want it to be then you are going to have to change that conversation. The time to do it is right now.

I only mention Linkedin because people are accustomed to leaving a recommendation there. If you blog, you can pick up on the conversation by the tone of the comments you get. You can hear the conversation from any number of channels, the important thing is to hear what is being said and build on it. Use every channel available to you to stoke the proper conversation. Your conversation should accurately reflect your brand values. Your conversation should consistently reflect who your are.

Branding - it's all about the conversation
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