Saturday, December 18, 2010

See What I'm Saying

Sometimes just changing the way we say something creates a different perception of ourselves. As I consult with small businesses, many of the the solutions were arrive at are fuelled by a change in conversation. Businesses are naturally entrenched in industry jargon and direction. Their target audience over time only hear one-way conversations. From this they develop perceptions of brands that essentially all blend together.

To break out of this morass of discussion, you need only change the conversation. Sometimes is a yin yang sort of solution. Other times it's a dumbing down. Car guys dabbled in it years ago when they changed "used cars" to "pre-owned" cars. They attempted to raise the quality levels by staying away from the stigma a "used car" had with consumers.

Changing the conversation has many benefits, not the least being differentiating your brand.

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