Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Newsletter Blogs replacing email newsletters

This more a comment on blogging replacing e-mail newsletters. Currently I'm on my 30th issue of an email newsletter that I send to accepting companies. While surfing the other night I came across an article which stated a belief that RSS feeds (BLOGS) will replace e-mail newsletters as the vehicle of choice for companies. It used a market research result to push it's point.

So, a question I'd like to pose here is: Do you prefer getting PDF newsletters emailed direct to you or would you actually check out a newsletter blog that constantly updates? Bear in mind that the newsletter is not unsolicited.


Moop said...

Looks good, Ed. I'm interested to see what responses you get from this.
Marcia Toledo

Ed Roach said...

Thanks Moopy. I've made some connections at other blogs. Namely smallbusinessbranding.com and a guy named Rob who speaks our language down under in Australia.

This is very interesting.

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