Saturday, February 10, 2007

Help me welcome a friend to blogging...

An associate of mine, Marcia Hoeck from Toledo, Ohio has joined us in discussions on branding. Her "temporary" blog is at: Brands That Connect. I'll update this link when she launches her official site soon. Marcia and I are charter members of a group of branding professionals from Cinncinati, Toledo, Chicago and myself here in Windsor, Ontario. Together we are MOOB - Mind Our Own Business. We meet every quarter at one of our locations and spend the day discussing our brand products and other opportunities to broaden our intellects and success. We have been doing this for over 4 1/2 years now.

Marcia is incredibly well read, a good writer and public speaker. My only dilemma is going to be my general inability to disagree with her as we are generally on the same page because of MOOB. She has a great post on Sensory Branding, an issue I discuss when I do speaking engagements, but I don't believe I have seen addressed yet in the blogs.

When you visit tell Marcia I said hello.

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Marcia said...

To Ed's readers: Ed is responsible for me dipping my toe into the blogging waters, with a passionate discourse over a glass of wine one rainy night in January. (Our spouses tried gamely to enter the conversation and ultimately gave up -- I think they ended up talking about the food or something. Maybe they were complaining about us always talking business!) I think he has the right idea, so we're keeping each other hopping trading resources.

Thanks, Ed -- I look forward to entering the discussion.


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