Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to improve your trade show presence!

If you are an industrial business, you have had your share of participating in trade shows. You probably agonized over your booth and offerings. Over the years we have advised clients on how to improve their presence at a trade show by using differentiation strategies.

Lets say you have the standard 10' X 10' booth. You typically have a back wall of some sort and perhaps even some banners signs. If you stood on a stepladder and looked around the room, chances are all the neighboring booths all end at about the 8' level - nice and neat.

Well lets disturb that conformity a bit by putting a pop-up in play. A pop-up is simply graphics that pop up past the top of your booth. This will give a good 3 dimensional feel to your display breaking you free of the square frame. This will also draw the eye to what ever is popping up. It can be your logo, an award, a guarantee etc.

Next, stand back into the isle and observe. Is everything pushed to the sides leaving the center clear? If you can put a small display table front and center we will create traffic flow left to right or right to left instead if just in and out. To take the hard edge off display booths try incorporating trees or shrubs into the scene. Use some calming music to compliment the presentation as well. Your display space should also be carpeted with a color that compliments your brand image. Who ever staffs the booth should wear appropriate attire to suit the audience and wear identity badges.

To take the message out of the booth and into the show, we have hired actors to mingle with the show crowd and hand out items to draw audience back to the booth. In Orlando, we had a client whose product was an improved faster software for the retail shipping industry, so we hired an actor dressed as a motorcycle cop and had him outside handing arriving attendees going too slow tickets. They were ballots to a draw back at the booth. (We hire actors because actors are not shy and will play whatever part is required of them)

You could buy up the billboards around the convention center. If you know which hotel a prospect is staying at, buy boards with custom messages outside that hotel. Another idea is to park a semi nearby with a message on the side.

The simple message here is not to limit yourself in the booth, throughout the hall or surrounding landscape. The trade show is a great opportunity to get your brand noticed by a target audience - exploit every opportunity you can. When you assemble your planning committee, don't limit yourself by just having a booth designed. Instead design an experience to differentiate your company, your brand will flourish because of it.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the design of the trade show displays are just as interesting as the product being displayed.

Trade Show Displays said...

Thanks for updating us with the nice information.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, spending the extra dollar on your banner display makes all the difference. It helps you stand out and your target clients WILL notice!

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