Saturday, April 14, 2007

Are you 'open' for business?

I had an interesting conversation with Jaimy Weiler, Executive Consultant. Her company's name is One Heart Waking. We were discussing my interpretation of the book/DVD The Secret. Essentially the Secret is the law of attraction. Which I took to mean, positive thinking attracts positive events. Jaimy's position was that my interpretation was too simplistic. I also had to be prepared to open up my inner self to accept positive events. It wasn't enough to just think it possible.

When you visit Jaimy's blog "Light Through The Heart" you will encounter some thought provoking posts. For a business blog - it has very unique commentary. I intend to put her suggestions to work when I encounter business opportunities and see if it affects the reactions I get positively. I found her suggestions for improving my communication skills very profound. She has the ability to identify conflicts deeper in your being. Jaimy has a very intelligent perspective on what is important and what is a waste of time.

Next time I will try to listen to The Secret with my soul, as opposed to my ears.

Wish me luck Jaimy.


Marcia said...

I wish you luck, too, Ed. Maybe you'd find the book more enlightening, as you wouldn't have the personalities of the people in the film to distract you. I found the book to be very thought provoking.

Ed Roach said...

You know I never considered that. I suspect you might be right, as I felt some of the personalities a little flaky and they may have clouded my view of the message. I do find the Secret's message enlightening, and I've been getting great feed back off-line from Danielle a writer at Small Business Branding, It is quite a topic that inspires a lot of conversation.

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