Tuesday, December 18, 2007

David Airey was Robbed!

David Airey, a fine Graphic Designer from Scotland recently had his domain stolen from under his nose. Now if you go to DavidAirey.com all you will find is a sponsored link page instead of the great blog he's been building for quite some time now. Watch this space for a new link to his blog, so that we can continue to read his observations - inspiring all.

They may have stolen his domain but not his brand, which I believe will emerge even stronger once this ordeal has been put to bed.

All the best David in the New Year,



Anonymous said...

It's funny how ordeals like this often strengthen our ties to these people. Maybe it's got something to do with empathy.

I hope for David's sake that he's kept some backups. He's posted a lot of quality content and it'd be a pain for him to manually strip his content off Google/Yahoo/MSN cache ever so slowly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word!

It's a pain, but you're right that these things can make you stronger. I'm certainly learning valuable lessons.

Rob, your sentiments are also very much appreciated.

Thank you both!

Unknown said...


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Ed Roach said...

This wouldn't be an ad would it Jesni?

][ΤΜL Βrошѕеr said...

Hello Rob,

This story sort of contradicts the fact that you list a know link spammer CresceNet in your 'recommended links' (unless you have a second house in Brazil or so).

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