Friday, March 14, 2008

Yap, Yap, Yap!

It's time to start talking with customers.

Technology has made many of us lazy communicators. One of the things that makes a brand great is communication with your customers. You can't have a relationship if you're not talking. It's not enough to just do a great job, you have to connect as well. Connecting is more than seeing your name in the in-box of their email program. If that is where it's at for you, you allow your competition to take the personality advantage. I can't tell you how many times just picking up the phone or personally dropping in has gotten me additional business - just because it all started with the phrase, "Hey Ed, let me pass this idea past you."

Once you have their ear, you have every opportunity to tell of some new product or service. It is cheaper in cost and sweat to get additional business from existing customers. Technology has its uses, but nothing beats old fashion shoe leather. It also gives you a chance to be known to the front office. It puts a personality to the name. Over time you are part of the overall team. You are an employee in a sense too. Everyone is on board to making thew company successful.

Most customers are so busy. A regular check-in gives them a chance to get you to focus a bit on you and hopefully a chance for you to make their lives easier.

There is no downside that I have recognized from personal attention. Even long-distance customers see value in the regular dropping in - it shows that they are high on the food chain with your company. They are worth the effort. What it does for your brand is immense.

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