Friday, October 24, 2008

How To Avoid The Meltdown Mentality.

Over the years I been through economic downturns and recoveries and a great deal of small businesses traditionally roll up their rugs and hide in the dark until its over. Marketing budgets being one of the first things that got cut.


The severity of this downturn, has actually invigorated many in the small business community. Fearing that they may not have the resources to weather this one, many are getting smart and have decided to not give in to negativity and are looking at ways to get more aggressive or upgrade their existing efforts.

In a recent meeting with one customer, they remarked that a note came across their monitor alerting them that a competitor had bitten it. Bad for them, good for our market share.
The reality of the event wasn't lost on them however and they recognized that the time is 'right now' to strengthen their corporate brand position. Dark clouds always hold opportunities, so long as you have the foresight to take advantage of the situation.

Now is NOT the time to stare at what "might be" on the horizon. Develop a positioning strategy right now that absolutely differentiates your brand and benefits your prospective customers. Take a hard look at your brand, put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask yourself - "what's in it for me?" If you have a hard time answering this one question - you've got some serious work to do. Ignoring the question will put you directly in the cross-hairs of the meltdown mentality.

Take time right now to strengthen your brand. You need every weapon in your arsenal. You can no longer rely on good will and happenstance to succeed. The minute you let down your marketing efforts, meltdown mentality will over-take you. Stay positive, ride a strong brand and keep negativity from your door step.

It's your brand's job to create your own bright spots and wins, even while it seems the marketplace is broiled in its own self-fulfilling prophesy of gloom.

Don't wait for the turn-around. BECOME THE TURN-AROUND!

P.S. You might be interested in an article I wrote featured over at that outlines several ways to assist in corporate brand awareness. The article is entitled - Why The World Isn't Listening.

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