Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Make Your Blog Mobile!

A quick note if you'd like a fast way to get your blog on mobile phones.

First off, I bought the domain, " over at and then forwarded it to the feedburnerlink of my existing blog.

Now when a reader enters in their mobile phone, up comes a list of my articles. Clicking on an article (in my BlackBerry) gives them two choices. View Description or Read Article. Choosing Read Article, gives a terrific mobile friendly version of my blog including graphics and all my side bar information.

That's it.


jkleiman said...

I made work on mobile phones with a great wordpress plugin. And, as it should, it links to Brand Corral ;)

Ed Roach said...

...and a great link it is Jonathon, thank you.

Thanks also for dropping by.


jkleiman said...

Not my first visit =)

Robert Kingston said...

I noticed you .mobi the other day, Ed. Very interesting stuff...

Always a good idea to secure your brandname in domains. A lot of sites these days also use "" or "" to redirect to their mobile site.

Ed Roach said...

That's interesting Robert. I've not seen that yet.

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