Sunday, April 5, 2009

Read Any Great Books Lately?

If you're like me, I always have two or three books on the go. I'm always looking to improve myself. One business classic I'm reading is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. Originally written in 1937, Carnegie's book still resonates today. Human nature is timeless. You can see many modern self-help books echoed in this classic.

Zoom ahead to 2009 and two new books I've sunk my teeth into is "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet" by Jay Conrad Levinson, Mitch Myerson, and Mary Eule Scarborough, and a terrific book on personal branding called "Me 2.0" by Dan Schawbel.

First let's take a look at the latter - Me 2.0. If you are fresh out of university or are soon to be, this book is for you. Schawbel nicely explains personal branding in all its depth and makes it relevant to the young professional. Following his proven processes and competent tips, you will have a keen advantage in your quest for a career, or to simply differentiate yourself in the job market. Of course, Me 2.0 is relevant to any age group, because the principles are timeless. If you are interested in personal branding, Me 2.0 is really the only book you'll need to get started. My favorite line in the book is, "It's not whom you know; it's who knows you." On-line this is key. Me 2.0 is jam-packed with tons of thought provoking techniques to make your personal brand shine.

The second book I highly recommend is Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet. Years ago I bought the original Guerrilla marketing books and LOVED them. Straight forward, down to earth, no BS tips on promoting yourself without breaking the bank. This new book successfully carries on the legacy. From the moment I started thumbing through its pages, I started smiling. If you want to market yourself online, this book will save you weeks of research. The unique experience of the authors, makes this book invaluable. They don't speak above you or try to make eCommerce some new magic pill to riches. The authors are frank and inspirational. You will find yourself nodding as you read every page.

Understanding personal branding with Me 2.0 and marketing the result with Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet is a double-barreled strategy you should embrace.

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