Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conquer Your Fears!

Every one of us has fears we'd love to conquer. Is it a fear of the water? A fear of heights? How about public speaking - does that get you spooked? Fear keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. Let's make the summer of 2009 the time that you confront and beat a particular fear. Choose one fear that you would like to beat and develop a plan to attack it.

The only way to beat a fear of anything is to approach it head-on and throw yourself into it. If you have a fear of water, use this challenge to sign up for swimming lessons. If it's public speaking, arrange to speak to a group of people on a subject you are passionate about. Don't put much thought into it - just jump in and go for it.

Conquering a fear will be a tremendous attitude boost, and it will invigorate your personal brand.

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