Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brag! Brag! Brag!

All our Moms told us that it’s not nice to brag. Well it’s about time you start (I’m sure your Mom won’t mind).

Don’t just assume visitors to your website, or readers of your promotional materials will understand all your accomplishments. Don’t hide these gems in the small print or some obscure link. Milk any impressive accomplishment. Customers want to know as much about you as they can. Understanding your facts will make you more desireable in their eyes.

It also differentiates you. “Bragging rights” is King in the world of branding. Now is not the time to be shy and humble. Scream from the mountain tops and claim your success territory.


Anonymous said...

It depends on how you do it. Some people find it offensive if you just tell them a little about what you did. You cant worry about them.

Dr. Letitia Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

Ed Roach said...

You're absolutely right - Dr. Wright. (could it be any other way)

You can't be shy about your achievements. If you wait to asked, you may miss a perfect opportunity.

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