Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Brand Values Matter.

Just what do you stand for? In order for you to grow your brand effectively, you have to know your brand values. What are the characteristics that define you? These values are such that without them it would fundamentally change your brand. Let's say that giving back to your community is a huge brand value. No longer giving back, would be way out of character. Your audience would not recognize your company as once they did.Your brand would be damaged as it would be viewed as more selfish. This is how brand values define you.


Anonymous said...

The analogy of comparing personal values to corporate brand values, is a recent phonomenon that the design industry has been using. I think that there are intersting learnings from this parallel. For example; would we be more mindful of what we do if we looked at every decision as personal brand building? From a corporate point of view, would we make the same decisions on ethical issues if we didn't have the corporate safety net behind us? I found that answering three basic questions always helps on the way to defining a brand (individual or commercial): 1. What are you good at? 2. What are you passionate about? 3. Is it financially viable?

Ed Roach said...

Those are three very important questions we should all be asking ourselves.

I also think that we shouldn't have two different sets of values, but adhere to common ones. It is much more authentic don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has the liberty of having thier personal values be aligned with thier professional values. I think that people who do are happier, but to think that everyone can would be idealistic.

Ed Roach said...

Yes I agree Alex - it is idealistic. But if we say it, hopefully it will inspire folks to shoot for it. It certainky is doable.

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