Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Bad Do You Want It?

How many people do you know who long to be in their own business? They have lots of great ideas and yearn to "be my own boss." They put a lot of energy in dreaming and wondering if this will be their ticket to financial freedom. I had the opportunity (I use this word lightly) to meet one of these dreamers the other day. They had that great idea that was going to do it for them. We shared a conversation over coffee. Essentially it was a web-based business, lots of coding etc. I said I'd investigate and can back with a price for this dream of theirs.

(You probably know where this is going)

When I submitted the fee, the instant reply I got was... "If I had that amount of money, I'd buy a car."

I'd buy a car. How perfectly telling. No - they wouldn't finance their dream - invest in themselves - they would buy a car! I guess they figured this would cost very close to nothing. It showed just how valuable their dreams are. I believe you see this all the time with start-ups. They have lots of cash for office equipment and decorating - things that make them "0" amount of income. Weeks before launch, with their budgets very nearly depleted, they then see "what's left" to put towards marketing. The very thing that "makes them money." The sad fact is that in many cases, decorating is fun. It's dressing up the dream. Marketing somehow feels and looks like air.

The smart ones get it and realize their dream. The rest - well, they're out buying cars!

If they don't have faith in themselves, how can they ever expect to succeed? That person I was dealing with, should have considered the fee and found a way to finance the dream just like all of us. Sometimes that financing is time, sometimes it's money, and sometimes it's perseverance. Whatever it takes. When I started, I put up my house, everything to realize my dream.

How bad do you want it?

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