Sunday, October 24, 2010

Succeeding On A Tack!

It seems to me that our comfort levels are our worst enemy. Once achieved, it's like hull speed on a boat - you can't go any faster. It is at this point that our brands stand still. You become so complacent that you catch yourself avoiding challenges rather than embracing them. Life on the edge keeps you sharp and opens doors that might not normally be in your path.

Have you ever had lunch with a peer entrepreneur and listened to them tell you that they're in a good place right now. They've got their duck in a row. "I'm good." But are they really? They could be just playing the business version of "duck and cover." It sounds good for the moment, but in reality there's no logic in it and chance are it will be bad for your brand.

For me, getting too comfortable scares me. I could get to like it. How are you with comfort? My highest achievements have always come from challenging myself outside of my comfort zone.
The personal pat on the back, once having conquered something that initially frightened me is so rewarding. They typically spin into additional business as well.

Find your tack, it hurts less than you think.

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