Saturday, October 29, 2011

10 Networking Tips I live By!

1) Don't hand out a business card unless asked for one.
2) Get involved in committees. It provides the opportunity of showing your value.
3) Sit at a different location at each meeting. People are a creature of habit. Break it and meet new people.
4) Don't ramble on about yourself, ask about their businesses and barriers.
5) Join multiple groups. Spread your influence around.
6) Put some real effort into connecting people. Do this even if there is no immediate reward for you.
7) Drag yourself to meetings even at times, "you just don't feel like it." I find low expectations sometimes turn into the best meetings.
8) Don't sell yourself, but give lots of free advise willingly, (don't make them ask for it).
9) Help new people over come that initial hesitation of not knowing anyone in the room. Introduce them around.
10) If you are the newbee, make an effort to have at least one meaningful conversation.

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