Friday, December 30, 2011

DoYou have A Mobile Brand?

So I guess that was 2011. It was a pretty good year for the Branding Experts' brand. Interesting opportunities and a growth of my brand strength within my marketplace. I have an affirmation of my promotional strategy from reputable online experts Hubspot. I turned to them this week to see if there was anything they could add to my existing efforts. Their honesty impressed me with this reply after our half hour telephone discussion - "If only you had a problem I could help you with ... your marketing and sales philosophy matches perfectly with Hubspot's." I regularly download ebooks from them and subscribe to their newsletter. They put out great no B.S. info on current online topics for business. FYI: I am not an affiliate - just a fan.

As part of my Christmas week re-evaluting efforts I am in the process of redeveloping my website. My stats made me aware that almost 25% of my visitors have done so on a smart phone. That lead me to add to my list of to-do's a mobile version of my site. I wouldn't have even considered it if it was under 10%. I plan on having the landing page offer you the visitor a web or mobile choice. This will also help me see if they actively choose the mobile version.

I strongly believe it will help my brand image among prospective customers. You could wait and see, but leaders accept the obvious and do it now. It's all about making it easier for customers to find and benefit from your assistance. If you've been following my opinion for any period of time you know my strategy is to lead not follow.

Have you checked your stats on this lately? What are your customer's actions telling you?

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